Why would I want you to think about two cartoon characters that are over 40 years old?

I remember Bullwinkle as a funny looking moose that was without common sense, illogical thinking, and always forgetting the obvious . . . but he never came down on himself. He never tore himself apart over spilt milk. He continued to have faith in himself, Rocky and his fellow man. Even though things went wrong. He never gave up.

On the other hand . . .

I remember Rocky as a witty flying squirrel that knew all the answers, always had a good plan, was always right and knew that he was right. He knew that he was smarter than Bullwinkle but he never came down on him or made him feel the fool because he was so dumb. He encouraged Bullwinkle to be a better moose by teaching him the right way to do things. He built-up his self image and, most of all, he loved him. I could always feel the love when Rocky kindly said to Bullwinkle; "Ahhh Bullwinkle".

In conclusion . . .

I remember when Rocky and Bullwinkle were introduced on TV. They were on prime-time evening TV. It was a hit with the kids and the adults. Yes, it was a corny cartoon but I remember the goodness of their relationship and how they treated everyone they talked to with respect. Even Boris and Natasha, their greatest enemies were told they were doing wrong but they were treated with the respect that one human should give to another.

I can't help but think of the goodness that I could bring into my life if I were to treat those around me with the respect and love that Rocky and Bullwinkle gave to everyone. "THINK ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE" brings new purpose to my life. I can make a difference to me and those that I come in contact with. Jesus taught us " . . . love thy neighbor as thyself". Rocky and Bullwinkle have given us an example of how to do that and with that knowledge I can live my life and be an example to others to help bring goodness and mercy to the world I live in. I can help those that are living the adage; " . . . do unto others before they do it unto me" come to find the goodness that Rocky and Bullwinkle tried to teach us.

From this day forward I will have my life known for goodness and mercy, hoping that others, seeing my actions, will do the same. Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone would come out with a bumper sticker that read THINK ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE? Then, I could display it on my car and truck and give them out to as many as I could. Wouldn't you want to do the same?



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