In 1880 Alonzo Hyde and David Taylor developed the south shore of the Great Salt Lake a resort known as Black Rock. In 1959 it closed down because of a combination of poor management and facility upkeep and a receding shoreline. It stayed in existence for 89 years. Longer then any other resort in the Lake's history.

Black Rock Resort was created to accommodate the average family by offering a modest facility that was not greatly commercialized and had a good beach and bathing facilities. The Resort consisted of a refreshment stand, picnic bowery and showerhouses. The two main attractions were the rock, which went to a height of over fifty feet, and the large beach north and east of the rock. A wooden stairway had been built for ease of climbing to the top of Black Rock where a person could enjoy a wonderful of the Lake and other areas.

When I was a young boy, 45 years ago, I looked forward to my Father taking the family to the Great Salt Lake Beaches. We would always go to Black Rock because there was less hassle and plenty of parking. The first time I went to the Lake I ran to the boardwalk and dived into the water. To my surprise, my eyes started to burn, my mouth, nose and ears were full of salt water and felt like I couldn't breath. Dad hurriedly pulled me out, ran me over to the showers and washed me of the salt. Dad didn't need to say too much about how to swim in the Lake after that. I knew, in a hurry that you didn't swim but just sat down and your arms and legs would start to float and the rest of you just followed. That was the most amazing thing to me, as a small kit, to be able to float in the water.

I have had a fascination to this beach ever since. I saddens me to have watched this spot, that was once a source of much enjoyment become nothing but a large rock. Despite that fact I do love this beach and the rock that sits on it.

Below are pictures of Black Rock Beach as viewed
from different directions and at various times of the year.

Click on top left picture to see a larger view.

Starting with the upper left picture and proceeding to clockwise are the following pictures:

Summer view looking north east from the I-80 Freeway

Winter view looking south with the Oquirrh Mtns. in the background

Winter view looking north with Stansbury Is. in the background

Spring sunset view looking west from the Marina with Stansbury Mtns. in background

Winter view taken on 01/01/2000 looking northwest

Summer view looking northwest with Stansbury Is. in the background

Winter View looking northeast with Antelope Is. in the background

Looking across Sunset Beach with Black Rock in the Distance during a bright summer day.


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