Why I Believe in God

Recently I have received a great deal of e-mail in regards to a group of people that want to take the name "God" off of the TV and radio. They are doing this because they say their right to believe in no God is being violated. It depresses me to know that there are people in the world that don't believe in a God and are trying to force their beliefs upon the general population.

For anyone that is reading this I want you to know that there is a God! I know there is a God! I have been granted the blessing of being on this earth for over 54 years. In that time I have witnessed occurrences that could only be brought about because there is a Creator. That Creator I know is God.

I love to view sunsets. As I look toward the sun, when it is bright orange, I reflect upon a solar system that is so simple but yet, mathematically, it is so complicated that Man has a hard time understanding it. I see the Sun that gives us the necessary light and heat that we might survive on this planet. On the other hand I see 8 other planets that have no proven life because the Sun is either to close or to far away to maintain the right environment to sustain life. Everything I see around me says that there is a God.

God created this earth by using laws that we don't completely understand. Laws of physics, mathematics, geometry, relativity, etc. God then, set these laws in place to govern all aspects of life on this planet.

I am a Father of eleven children. As I watched ten of them come into this world I saw a miracle happen. Those babies caught hold of the breath of life and immediately started to cry. Then, started the process of feeding by sucking. The three things they need to survive as a baby. Who taught these children how to breath, cry or suck? This is not happen chance. God set these natural laws of survival into motion. We owe God for the breath of life he gave us.

This wonderful Country we live in was founded on the fundamental right to believe in a God and not have that right infringed upon. The great founding Fathers and other great men of this Country believed in God. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John Kennedy, and Martin Luther King. There are thousands more prominent world figures which could be listed with these men. All of them have affirmed their belief in a God. They also knew the strength of that belief and how it can strengthen a nation or the world.

All of the ancient writings bear witness that there is a God. The writings of the Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, and others profess that there is a God and he was our creator.

I have witnessed people about to die made well again when faith was used through prayer. I have laid my hands upon members of my family and God has made them well through me. I have heard God's spirit tell me to change my course and as I have done so I was saved from harm. Other times, when hearing God's words, I didn't change my course and found regret.

God is a part of my life. A big part. I owe him all that I have. I acknowledge his hand in helping me in all the good that I do and the good that happens to me. Without him I would be no better then a beast. For the beast knows no more then to survive.

I know how to do more then how to survive. I know the pleasure of the fine arts; the humor of a good clean joke; the gratitude of helping a person in need; the goodness of someone helping me when I was in need; and the inner beauty and peace of a clean soul. The closer I get to God the more I feel of these feelings. I feel saddened that so many people are turning away from God because as they turn away they come not to know these good feelings. They purge their souls of love. They slowly become as a beast, for a beast knows little of the wonderful feelings that I have mentioned.

Let us learn to know God and the love he has to offer us. What do we have to lose? Selfishness, pride, hate and war. Just a few of so many things that destroy the world, a nation, a community, a family and a soul.

God bless this world and you to know the love that God can bring to ones life.

Tom W. Case

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