Why I Believe in God
A Story of Truth

"It was only a cough." She thought to herself. "Why had Lucy given him that olive oil and sugar? Why?" She was sitting on a wooden chair by her son's bed with her finger being held by his small hand. The oxygen tent that was over him made him seem so far from her. She wanted to hold the precious nine week old baby in her arms again. All she could do was watch him slowly die of pneumonia.

Someone came into the room, she smiled and then turned to her son. The doctor spoke softly to her. "Mrs. Chase, we don't have much hope for Glenn. We're doing all we can but it's not enough. It's out of our hands. Only a miracle can save him now." She said nothing. Her eyes were filled with tears. The doctor handed her a handkerchief, then said some words of comfort which she didn't feel, and then he left the room.

She sobbed as she watched her son. Exhaustion overcame her and she began to dream

As she sat looking at her son
She wondered what his fate would become.

As he lay there gasping for air
She knew that nothing could be done.

It wasn't fair.

He was all that she had.
Her husband, to another woman gone.
The situation nearly drove her mad.

She loved him.

She cried with agonizing tears
To a God she thought didn't hear.

He was there. . . weeping.

As she sat upon the chair
Her heart nearly broken -- her spirit in despair
She picked up the pen and paper and began to write.
And as she did, she knew what would happen that night.

She felt a warmth inside her heart.
A comforting feeling but she wondered

Would her son depart?

As she finished writing her heart was filled with love.
For she knew what she wrote was sent from someone above.

He is gone from you but only for a moment.
You still know him, hear him,
and see his happy face
that brightened the shadows.
Your there with him.
He's here with you.
There's no end but a beginning
of knowing the love you have for him.

With her heart being full
And her mind being eased
She saw his pale face
He was at peace.

She leaned to her son's bed
And reached under the plastic tent
Placing her hand upon his head.

Then, her lips moved;

"Play my child.
Have fun and be happy
For I'll see you tomorrow."

As she finished a voice came;
"Mommy, --- I love you."

She bowed her head and wept.

Two men entered the solemn room and found her asleep. One put his hand on her shoulder. She raised with a start but seeing who they were she was calm. The tent was removed. The oil was sealed upon his small warm head. Then, with hands placed upon his head, he was blessed by the priesthood power of the Jesus Christ. The two Elders finished and a calmness settled into her soul saying that Glenn would soon be well again.


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